Both in the French Pyrenees in 2004 and in the Dordrecht Biesbosch in 2005 I was challenged to create a work on the auditory perception of infinity. More specifically this meant: the audible horizon, how can that be achieved?! 
A hilly area calls for another solution than a place where you can see the horizon all around. At the same time I looked for possibilities to gain in-depth experience of nature, which works wonderfully well with your eyes closed.

Barrière à l’Infini (2004)

Montségur, South of France; dense forest against the mountain hill, the sun only shines hesitatingly through the trees in the morning, across the path an old barrier.

The installation consists of two pieces of French roof-gutter, in which 48 microphones were mounted; 24 directed at the north and 24 at the south. By equal adjustment of the amplitude and the exact distance between the microphones, they amplified sounds so that you could hear for as far as possible (l'Infini in French), such as the roar of thunder at the other side of the mountain.

There are 3 parts: please use a headphone

xxxxxxxxxxx1. Awaking morning
zzzzzzzz2. Afternoon with audience
xxxxxxx3. Late evening long distance

xxxxxxSee also: De Einder 2004-2005