Both in the French Pyrenees in 2004 and in the Dordrecht Biesbosch in 2005 I was challenged to create a work on the auditory perception of infinity. More specifically this meant: the audible horizon, how can that be achieved?!  A hilly area calls for another solution than a place where you can see the horizon all around. At the same time I looked for possibilities to gain in-depth experience of nature, which works wonderfully well with your eyes closed.
Biesbosch Unplugged (2005) 
A parabolic disc, 3.5 metres wide, provided a direct auditory perception of the horizon. The visitor could determine his own direction since the disc could be freely rotated for 360 degrees around. When climbing on the chair, your head would enter the focal plane where the sound of the place at which the disc was directed was acoustically amplified; a distant freight ship would betray its bow wave, you could hear a galloping horse which was hundreds of miles remote, nature would present itself in full stereophonic sounds.
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