Zen in 't Bat / Venlo /June-September 2008
i.c.w. Diederik Klomberg

The city of Venlo put up a fight with drugs-related business around the Maaskade (Quay de Meuse). Drugshops are bought up, the district gets a cultural destination and the name Q4. To give reputation to the district 4 national artists were asked to make a plan to transform the Maaskade temporarily by art.
Klomberg and Parlevliet came with a plan to change the parking place near the Meuse into a Zen garden and arranged in the period of the exhibition several events, such as meditation workshops, tea ceremony ordered by mobile telephone, musical performences and a finissage around the theme 'light and fire'.
They used 350.000 kg pebbles on a surface of 4500 m2 to change the parking place into a Zen Garden.

See the formerly made maquette