For the exhibition 100 artists - 100 models I made this portret of Jan Peter Francke.

Actually it is very strange to make a portrait of someone you do not know and who does not know me either. My model was assigned to me per dice, which made the first meeting quite exciting. Fortunately there was a reciprocal click, which resulted in a session with each other, which was very inspiring. Jan Peter has a busy job on the Second Maasvlakte near Rotterdam, where he did not talk about that much. He told more about his two sons who are both developing part of his genes, one with a management study and the other at the art academy. And last but not least there was his hobby: training twice a week on his fighting sport [Krav Maga]. There I made photos of Jan Peter one evening and that activity eventually became the guideline for this drawing that you can set in motion.

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